Monday, October 1, 2012

Flapping to space

Haha. I had a dream last night I went to space. The way I flew to space was funny. I just flapped my arms and slowly rose up. It was kinda more of a small flap of the arms, and not exaggerated. I slowly rose above the trees, which looked liked they came out of books since they were cartoonish. As I passed through the clouds, the blue sky became darker until it was more black. I rose above the earth's atmosphere and entered  outer space with no harm from the lack of oxygen. I saw the planets, mainly focusing on the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn - at least those are the celestial bodies that stand out in my mind's eye.

The second time I went, I took my brother, Jordan, with me. I must say he flew very well.  We never got tired of flapping, and it took us seemingly only a minute to reach outer space from the ground up. Looking below my feet to him, I asked Jordan if he had ever been up this high. Of course he hadn't, nor had I before, except the one time by myself. Unfortunately my alarm went off before we both shared the visit to the planets.


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