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Pickup comparison

This is a sweet video by Keith Merrow. He compares the Bareknuckle Warpig to the Seymour Duncan Invader, and the Bareknuckle Aftermath to the Seymour Duncan Distortion. These pairs of pickups have similar output. He used the same tone throughout the video to give a true comparison. You will probably have to listen closely to hear the difference. I am going to give my opinions on which I like better for each clip. I have the advantage of studio monitors, so I can hear more of a difference than through normal computer speakers.

"Modern Metal"
The Warpig and Invader sound so similar it's almost not noticeable. Seems the Warpig has a bit more low end on the thicker strings. Invader seemed to be more defined though. Aftermath was very clear. I could hear each note very well defined. The Distortion was more trebley. I liked that. Distortion for the win.

"Chugs and Chords"
Invader definitely beats the Warpig in chunkiness for this clip. I know I said the Warpig seemed to have more low end the previous clip, but for sure I hear a heaviness in the Invader here. Aftermath bites your face off. It's got that punch to it and it's awesome. Distortion is still cutting through with the treble. I love that. However, the Aftermath gives this pop to the low chugs that I just love. So, Aftermath for the win.

It must be his pick attack because now I hear a defined bass tone in the Warpig over the Invader. I think it depends on what you are playing. These are all different styles within metal. The Invader seems to pop like a telecaster here - different from the previous "pop" I mentioned. Not really fond of that for metal. Not sure what to say about the Aftermath. It seems to pop a little like the Invader, but not as much. The Distortion pickup is very cool. Again, that trebley sound. It hits you right the face. Again, Distortion for the win.

"Death Metal"
It sounds like the Invader does not have as much presence as the Warpig. It's there, but sounds more in the background. I know it sounds weird hearing opposite opinions. It's like a ping-pong, but the picking styles of attack are different. So the pickups are going to react a little different. Aftermath equals clarity. I really like the sound. The Distortion sounds a little too muddy and run together. Aftermath for the win. It looks like it is between the Aftermaths and Distortions, for me, but let's keep going.

"Sk8r Die"
Okay, here I like the Invader better. I like the way it reacts to the pick attack versus the Warpig. You can hear the hot output of the Aftermath in this example. Close one between the Invader and Distortion. I can say I like the Invader the best because the Distortion doesn't seem to have as much reaction. Invader for the win.

"Solo'd Clips"
Okay this is the same as "Modern Metal," but now I can hear only the guitar, so a better take on my opinion here. I can hear more of a separation of the high notes with the Warpig, and better separation of the low and high notes combined with the Invader. It's like you can hear the clarity more with the Invader. Aftermath sounds very clear, but sounds like the gain is turned down. Again, the Distortion has that in-your-face treble sound. Maybe too much. I still say Distortion for the win. 

OVERALL - Distortion for the big win.
I like the way the Distortion pickup sounds from Seymour Duncan. It sits in the mix well and cuts through with its high end treble. It's really hard to judge, but I wanna say I would buy the Distortion pickup over any of them for what I want to mix and create in metal. These are all my opinions. I analyzed the sound clips over and over and this is what I bring to you. I don't claim to know all the EQs of the pickups, because I don't. I am just telling you what I like about each one in a different playing style. I will agree, however, the Aftermath does seem to have more control in its output. You saw throughout this entire post that these were "clear." Still, the Seymour Duncans are cheaper.

Thanks for taking the time to read.
-Brandon Burch

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April Fool's Plans

Yep. I'm going to fill you in on what I have planned for April Fool's. I think you deserve it for being one of the few to read my blogs. ;-)

I plan on making a fake guitar shred lesson, posted on my "TheFireball100" Youtube channel. The opening shot of my shredding a piece of paper with a guitar on it will be adapted from a Youtube video I saw years ago. I want to take this a step further. ...Broom sweeping, playground sliding, toothpicks, sledgehammers...

I am going to let my little brother, Jordan, help me film it. He's also going to co-star in it.

I hope you will enjoy this humorous upcoming video. I know the trolls and haters will come, but doesn't that come with any video? Kinda like fries comes with happy meals, whether you want them or not. xD


Sunday, March 18, 2012


Just restrung my Drop B guitar. Working on a playing a cover of Demon Hunter's "One Thousand Apologies." That's a great ballad by them. Yes, it's in Drop B. I'm anxious to do a dual cover of RED's songs "Feed the Machine" and "Faceless." I want to do one live take, one after the other. I will switch from my Drop A guitar to my Drop B guitar for the appropriate song tunings. I really wanted to wait until I get an HD camera. I'm not sure if I can wait that long. I am saving up for a Canon T3i. I am almost there. I think I can reach this amount in a few months if all goes well, budget wise. My latest video is a short tutorial on how my setup is wired. I was not ready to show anything new, as far as compositions go, and so I cooked up that video for you. I am finalizing my song "Surge" and will hopefully get it mixed and mastered soon. That may set me back further from the T3i though. My subscriptions haven't been growing as of late for my new artist channel. I'm guessing it's just not drawing attention yet. Maybe when I get Surge complete, I can promote the video and people will see my channel. Again, costs money. Perhaps people will support me though. ;)

By the way, I don't seem to be sore from my 3.6 mile walk I took yesterday. :)

haha. Can you count how many times I said "I" in my first paragraph?


Saturday, March 17, 2012

3.6 mi. walk

Yep. I walked 3.6 miles this evening. That's really good for me. I don't get out much. I mainly stay in my room and compose music, browse GMC where I take guitar lessons, browse Youtube, practice some guitar, and play computer games. This takes place in my room. So I guess you can say I am bit of a recluse. Have a social life, Brandon. Meh, I'm fine. There's not really a whole lot of people to hang out with. Yeah, there's some, but I just prefer making music. You watch - it'll pay off. I put hours upon hours upon hours in what I do. I'm sure to make my music dreams a reality one of these days, LORD willing.

I walked a long stretch of my neighborhood; nearly the length of the all neighborhood blocks! I clocked my walk in my car afterwards and came up with 3.6 on my odometer. Nice walk I would say. Of course, I walked  with my iPod. Who did I listen to? Sithu Aye.

"Nice day, isn't it, iPod?"
"Sure is, Brandon."
"Can't you keep up with me?"
"Well, considering I am 17x smaller than you...no."
"Just keep playing my music, okay?"

(Sorry, couldn't resist!! xD ...what? Don't you get it? I said I walked with my iPod....it's a..
...never mind.)  ;-)   [hahaha. Very funny, Brandon.]

I just hope I don't regret the long trek in the morning. :/


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Break the Mold - Intro (Now in Drop A)

Go check out my new idea for "Break the Mold," a progressive metal song I am composing. I upped the key a whole step so my guitar strings could take it a bit better. That really low tuning was killing the intonation of my strings. -Brandon

>>Break the Mold - Intro (Now in Drop A)<<

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Yeah, I feel like ranting. LOL. My "favicon" finally updated for this blog. It took several days, for some unknown reason. The favicon is what you would see in your toolbar if you bookmarked this place. (which, if you like this blog - feel free to do so!) It's my new logo that I like at the moment for my Analyzed Within theme.

Daylight savings time again!! Ugh. I hate it with a passion. Just go home an hour earlier if you really want to save energy, or whatever your reason, people. ;) Maybe God will let me move to Arizona (AZ) where I hear they do not participate in the time change. *Goes on Wikipedia to be sure*
Yes, I'm right; unless you live in the Navajo Nation. The other state is Hawaii. I did not know this. I thought AZ was the only state that was "smart." Just kidding. I have been to AZ, for only a short vacation, but I did enjoy the change of scenery. It is totally exotic to what I am used to in Arkansas. Perhaps God will let me move there one day. I will be much closer to the Grand Canyon, and can take a longer look at what God's Flood did in such a short time a few thousand years ago.

Okay, enough for now. I don't think I have ever ranted here before. haha. Classify this under "randomness," okay? I'll try to tag "randomness" when necessary from now on. Since we lost one hour (actually we don't lose an hour since we get it right back later in the year) I need to get to bed sooner. My clock says 9:43 p.m., but it is actually 10:43.

On a happier note, I don't work tomorrow. Sunday will be a refreshing time in the LORD's house. May God bless our services as we give Him glory and honor.


"Surge" Chorus Insight

Click the YouTube logo in the video player to visit YouTube and view the description with all the information.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Synths on new song

While I am finishing up "Surge," I am starting another song. I started out making it very heavy; however, I am surprised how beautiful it is becoming. Just take a listen to the synths going on.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Home Studio Setup

Check it out! I received my new desk in the mail today. I set it up and re-arranged my room in several hours. Still need to tidy up the place a bit, though. I'm really happy with this new arrangement, and can't wait to start recording and shooting video!!


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Just bought new desk

I just bought this small desk for my small room. I measured out a space in my room and found out this will work. That little platform looks like it can be removed. Actually, I'll have to put it together anyway, so I'm sure I can just leave that off. Looks like my monitors will sit nicely on either side of my laptop. I am excited. I expect to have it in a week, give or take. I bought it from Ebay. I'll let you see the final setup when it's done. In my mind, I have mapped out my new setup. I will have to rearrange the room just slightly. Desk Dimensions: 43(W)*24(D)*33(H)


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Neil Zaza commented on my video!

PEOPLE!! The music artist Neil Zaza commented on my YouTube video! I did a lesson on his song "I'm Alright" about a year ago. The video here explains it.

Someone to Hate

I love metal. This here is Christian Metal. The band is called Demon Hunter. Here is a new single for their upcoming album "True Defiance" on April 10. We defy the world.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

REC Metal Metrics 2 (take II)

Hey people near and far. I have recorded a take for the GMC REC program.

Quote from my teacher, Cosmin Lupu, guitarist for Aria,
"Very good take man! A few more little details and you are THERE :D I posted this on ARIA's FB page and I'll share it with the guys too :D Congrats!"

This is a little better than my last take. It is played more like it's supposed to be. It's really an intense song, so it's hard to play. My hands get fatigued. I don't know how I would play it on stage if I were to tour with the band Aria. They would have to turn my volume down I guess. haha.

This time in POD Farm, I used a Solo 100 amp head: bass at 4, mids at 0, and treble and presence at 9. Place the drive right between the 2 and 3. I put a Tube Screamer before the head, and the cab used was a 4x12 Brit Celest V-30s. The mic was on axis.

Now keep in mind, I'm using a 68 for the bottom string on a Jackson SLSMG with 81/85 EMG pickups - so it's not gonna sound exactly like me; unless you got the same setup. I tried the best I could to achieve a sound close to Cosmin's guitar. Oh, by the way, I am tuned to Drop A. LOVELY METAL.

There are a few more details in the description on YouTube, including my grading on this take.

Thanks for reading,