Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween project 2012

Some of you may already know I am working on a Halloween project. I have uploaded a couple of clips on my Soundcloud. This track is very progressive, with a few time signature and tempo changes.

This is the intro.

I am using a free Church Organ VST I found on the internet. You are hearing my own composition. The scary sounds are from my Sony Vegas Movie Studio 10 editing software. They give you 1,001 sound effects (among other things) with your purchase. The sounds by themselves are actually quiet lame. However, after adding reverb and compression effects, they sound much better layered.

Here is some riffage near the end of the short instrumental.

This sample is heavily influenced by the Christian Progressive Metal band "Becoming the Archetype." If you listen to "Deep Heaven" from their Dichotomy album, you will see the strong similarity. They played around with their notes, but I just keep ascending all the way up the neck and then back down again. So I made it my own riff without ripping them off. I just thought it sounded so Halloweenish! I added some synths, another freebie on the internet.

The other parts of the tracks, not shared yet, have some sick syncopation. I like polyrhythms!! Can't wait to show you the rest of the track, people. :) I will be recording a video. I should have plenty of time. It's not Halloween yet, and I have the track recorded. I just have to add some more parts and tweak the sound.


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