Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Vocals #2

Our second session was more productive than the last.

If you missed the first session, it is a few posts back. My cousin is sounding much better with his scream. I am excited about when we actually get to record this. We plan on getting together this Saturday at least one last time before recording. We need to finish the lyrics. I told him to be working on verse two some more before we meet, while I analyze the song and see what more we can do with the lyrics. I think it fitting to have bridge lyrics right before the guitar solo kicks in. I still can't decide which guitarist to choose for the part.

We originally were going to hang at this gravel area (you see in the video) and go over lyrics. However, since his neighbors were gone, we took his car to his apartment. Josh, my cousin, showed me how to scream properly, but I was too shy to try. Good think I didn't try anyway, because my vocal chords felt strained and scratchy, after our session, from normal singing. I just don't use my vocals for singing much at all. The only time I sing is at church - and I usually sing bass.

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