Friday, August 26, 2011

My POD Farm Presets

Do you use POD Farm for recording guitars? POD Farm simulates amps and effects so you can record via USB. If you are in search of some rockin' tones, download my best tones here!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Songs to Cover

So I came up with a list of songs that I should cover for you guys.

Demon Hunter
-Descending upon us
-Snap your fingers, snap your neck

The first song is a little challenging and it requires a bit more work. I'm learning it by ear and by tab from (Always gotta check with your own ear - sometimes the tab is wrong.

The second song is quite simple and really fun! Kudos to the bassist who gives the guitarist a break. Listen to it to know what I mean. :)


I already did do 'Monster' (several times...LOL) and 'Awake and Alive' (tube screamer demo). Just check out my channel use the search function.

'Hero' is hard for me - mainly the rhythm. Needs a lot of work. Haven't practiced it in a while.

'Comatose' is kinda easy - just needs a little bit more practice.

-Watch you crawl

The first song is fun and I almost have it down. The picking part in the middle is a bit tough. I'm using the YouTube lesson from the band guitarist.

'Watch you crawl' is really tough on the rhythm and I've only tried a little bit of it.

These are just some songs I could cover in the not-so-distant future. I might cover something else first, but subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to see my videos. I know of the requests I have had, and I try not to make promises just in case, but I do still have them on the list. I do consider them. Thank you.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Julian Smith Comedy

Are you familiar with his videos? I just started watching a bunch of his videos today. Here's a couple of my favorites. :D He's hilarious!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Composing with noise

I've been composing a lot lately. Therefore, it has slowed my YouTube video count. I usually come out with one almost every week. It's so hard doing it all by yourself when you know you aren't trained for mixing and mastering. :) But I do the best I can with the help of those at (GMC) and my friends and family.

You can sneak a peek at my latest song I composed and still working on. I usually record the bass last now - that's how I saw Skillet do it in a behind the scenes look. So for now I don't have bass. I find myself laying down a bunch of ideas and then finishing them later. I started to redo "A Father's Love" today, but started something different. I have a lot of unfinished projects. haha

Since I've been composing like crazy, this has slowed my practice time practically nothing. But I try to just enjoy life as it comes. So much to worry .... no not worry ... I can't believe I typed that - so much to ... endure in life. I couldn't think of a word for that. I guess that's the problem. When a person has "noise" inside of them, it's hard to focus. When you strive to stay dedicated to God and think about your future (find a full time job) it's kinda scary. Sometimes you paste a smile on your face so others don't know you are "noisy" inside. That's my word I use as of late to describe that.

I was talking about practice time because I'm a subscribed member at GMC, and it feels like a waste of money to pay and not use it to the fullest. But I already paid my year's I'll just use it when I feel like it. It's hard to learn new things. It's a challenge. If I can't catch on right away, I tend to walk away from it. I don't always, but it's hard not to. I like to play songs that's within my skill, but then that means I won't expand my musical vocabulary or skill itself.

Gosh, this was gonna be a short post...but look how it turned out. haha

I added a poll at the bottom. What do you enjoy reading the most on this blog? You might feed the fish if you wish. They get kinda hungry since this blog isn't that popular. Tell your friends about this blog if you enjoy it. Thank you. :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

New Easy Listening Original

Please give my new song a listen. I haven't regularly played the piano in a while. I wrote this track with the electric piano and then I recorded MIDI strings on top of them. I recorded the lead with my electric guitar. This song was written in the midst of an emotional roller coaster.

I called the song, Paths.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Canon in D (my production)

I am working on my own Canon Rock. For now, I have the calm strings intro. You will hear at the end the distorted guitar chord, signifying where the rock part will begin. Listen by clicking on the link below.

Canon in D