Saturday, June 30, 2012

Spotting the comet/meteor

The other night my brother and I saw a comet/meteor for the first time in our lives! It only happened because I missed my turn while coming back from Tim Hawkin's comedy show. I drove all the way down a road until I realized this was not the right way. There was no stop sign where we were going. So I drove all the way back and found the correct road. Very shortly after I got on the road home, the comet/meteor appeared. My brother saw it first. He describes it as a big ball just appearing out of nowhere, blooming in all kinds of colors. After he exclaimed in astonishment, I spotted it a second later. When I saw it the comet/meteor had turned blue and white. You could see detail - there was a flaming, flickering tail. Like a ball of fire. It was so surreal. It didn't look like what you see the cartoons and movies - just a line across the sky really fast. I don't know if that means what we saw was closer or further to us. It was there and gone very quickly. It seemed to appear out of nowhere and disappeared behind the tree line. We were in a country, road-winding area, with trees all around us. That would have been epic if I could have had a camera ready somehow - with a long lens to capture all that detail! So I don't know if what I saw was a comet or meteor, but from what I have read on the internet it was probably a meteor. What do you think?

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