Thursday, August 2, 2012

Guitar Center

No, I did not buy a 8-String. :/ Just read on. haha. I've been waiting on my guitar for a few days. I took the Jackson SLSMG to Guitar Center on Sunday.  The guitar tech wasn't back until Tuesday. I need it setup for a different string gauge. Normally, I have been using 14-68 gauge strings, but those are hard to find by themselves. Ernie Ball 10-74 eight-string packs are pretty numerous. So I am going to start using those I think. I'll be using the middle six: 13-64. It's a little lighter in string gauge. The neck and action and stuff needs to be set on the guitar, and I don't know how  to do that properly. I feel good knowing that an experienced person is working on my guitar. :) Plus, it's getting cleaned up. The fretboard is nasty. I haven't cleaned it in forever. I'm just that lazy, I guess. Or actually, it may be because when I pick up the guitar it just lulls me into this trance of playing right away. ;)

I bought two sets of these strings to start out. I want to have a spare set. I am sick of not having strings at my disposal. I will stock up soon and have more than just one spare. I need to get more picks, too, and just throw away the ones that I don't really want to use anymore. They are worn down, and it's senseless to keep them. Picks are so cheap.

While I was there Sunday, I shot a video of me playing a 7-string guitar. My brother was so kind to come along and video me. I even created a photo album of my visit.

Hopefully today they will get to my guitar. It would be a great day for it, because I only work a few hours today.


  1. Woah that's really heavy set of strings ! Post a video when you got your guitar back !!


    1. Okay, sure thing man. :) I like to play in Drop A. That's why it's so heavy in gauge. I called them a short while ago and they still haven't got to it. They are really backed up. :/ I miss that guitar. haha. It's computer games for me. :D

  2. Oops. I meant "get your guitar back"