Monday, June 4, 2012

Take My Pain excerpt 2

Yes, now this song has a name. I figured I should give it a name before the next excerpt. I figure most of the song is there to know its personality.

I seemed to end the song around the 5 minute mark. Perhaps I will take the song in another direction from where it almost stops. I can switch the mood somewhat within the song, much like a concept album. However, this will be more of a concept song. I don't want to end the song yet. I want it to be epic and long. :)  I can reflect back to some of the themes later in the song. After all, there are songs I have heard before that do that sort of thing. This will take some brainstorming. I only have two solo spots open in the song, and I want more. So the song MUST be longer.

There has already been a small buzz about this song. I encourage anyone enjoying to share it. Perhaps post it on your facebook wall. I need all the exposure I can get. Hardly anybody seems to know about the composer side of me. Perhaps I will be surprised, though, when I start selling my music on BandCamp. Yep. You heard right. I think this goal of mine is going to happen this year: selling my music online. :)

WideK will be mixing and mastering my stuff.
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