Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Album Art!

This is my composition I did tonight in GIMP 2, basically a stripped down version of Photo Shop. These are three photos composited. I downloaded the photos from NASA. This picture is all about layering.

I was actually trying to find a good volcanic picture, erupting with darkness all around. I see a vague image in my mind, but I'm sure it doesn't really exist. However, this final product is fine. That dry landscape is like a desolate mood that might be nice to set. This may not look professional, but it sure beats the extra expense of an artist.

So it's obvious what my album is about by the cover title, "Living in the Last Days." Analyzed Within is my musician name.

Quoting from my fan page:
I wanted to create an artist name that described me, and be original as possible. I over-analyze most everything. A choice of a menu item is a case study. So all information that enters inside of me is analyzed within. Additionally, there is a parallel. As a believer in Christ Jesus, His Holy Spirit lives inside of me. I am analyzed within, for He is always watching me.
-Brandon Burch

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