Thursday, March 1, 2012

REC Metal Metrics 2 (take II)

Hey people near and far. I have recorded a take for the GMC REC program.

Quote from my teacher, Cosmin Lupu, guitarist for Aria,
"Very good take man! A few more little details and you are THERE :D I posted this on ARIA's FB page and I'll share it with the guys too :D Congrats!"

This is a little better than my last take. It is played more like it's supposed to be. It's really an intense song, so it's hard to play. My hands get fatigued. I don't know how I would play it on stage if I were to tour with the band Aria. They would have to turn my volume down I guess. haha.

This time in POD Farm, I used a Solo 100 amp head: bass at 4, mids at 0, and treble and presence at 9. Place the drive right between the 2 and 3. I put a Tube Screamer before the head, and the cab used was a 4x12 Brit Celest V-30s. The mic was on axis.

Now keep in mind, I'm using a 68 for the bottom string on a Jackson SLSMG with 81/85 EMG pickups - so it's not gonna sound exactly like me; unless you got the same setup. I tried the best I could to achieve a sound close to Cosmin's guitar. Oh, by the way, I am tuned to Drop A. LOVELY METAL.

There are a few more details in the description on YouTube, including my grading on this take.

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