Saturday, March 10, 2012


Yeah, I feel like ranting. LOL. My "favicon" finally updated for this blog. It took several days, for some unknown reason. The favicon is what you would see in your toolbar if you bookmarked this place. (which, if you like this blog - feel free to do so!) It's my new logo that I like at the moment for my Analyzed Within theme.

Daylight savings time again!! Ugh. I hate it with a passion. Just go home an hour earlier if you really want to save energy, or whatever your reason, people. ;) Maybe God will let me move to Arizona (AZ) where I hear they do not participate in the time change. *Goes on Wikipedia to be sure*
Yes, I'm right; unless you live in the Navajo Nation. The other state is Hawaii. I did not know this. I thought AZ was the only state that was "smart." Just kidding. I have been to AZ, for only a short vacation, but I did enjoy the change of scenery. It is totally exotic to what I am used to in Arkansas. Perhaps God will let me move there one day. I will be much closer to the Grand Canyon, and can take a longer look at what God's Flood did in such a short time a few thousand years ago.

Okay, enough for now. I don't think I have ever ranted here before. haha. Classify this under "randomness," okay? I'll try to tag "randomness" when necessary from now on. Since we lost one hour (actually we don't lose an hour since we get it right back later in the year) I need to get to bed sooner. My clock says 9:43 p.m., but it is actually 10:43.

On a happier note, I don't work tomorrow. Sunday will be a refreshing time in the LORD's house. May God bless our services as we give Him glory and honor.


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