Thursday, February 2, 2012

Walking Again

I started walking again today for the first time in many months. Next I guess is weightlifting. hehe. But for now, I'm wanting to get back in shape and feel great overall. I also want to raise my stamina. I'm tired of depleting my energy so quickly when I do strenuous labor. Not that my job requires anything too strenuous. Clearing the lot of shopping carts is hardly strenuous when you are primarily a cashier. My body has adjusted to this new job and can take the occasional lot clearing. I actually enjoy the fresh air and feeling my heart beat in my chest. This is what I felt today as I walked my mile and one half.

I want to make this a regular routine, if you will. It's not like I don't walk anywhere at all, you know, I just want to walk more than I am required to complete a day. I was walking for a while last year, I think it was, but then I quit.

I listened to my silver 3rd generation iPod nano as I walked today. Want to know what I listened to? ...Most of Andy James' shred metal instrumental album of 2011. Here's Andy performing one of his songs on that album.
I will continue it tomorrow. I am trying to work my way up with walking. I could have easily kept walking, but it's so easy to overdo it. I surely didn't want to hurt myself, so I played it safe with 1.5 miles. It's just a rough estimate, but from my house to the track at the park it is a half mile, so I just figured that in.

I've been battling a cold this week. My mom has given me some all-natural remedies and I have also resorted to medicines. I've been at work all week with this cold, but I'm off tomorrow. I hope to recuperate (for the most part) so I may return to work as more of myself. I look forward to the choice of when I may walk tomorrow since I am off work. Sunset after work was a little chilly to walk, but doable.

EDIT: Unfortunately the 3rd was a rainy day and would not do well for my sinuses. No walk today.

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