Sunday, January 29, 2012

Proved wrong (Walmart Edition)

Today's topic is about swallowing one's pride and admitting you are wrong. It can be very hard to do, but when you are clearly proved wrong you must accept you most epicly failed.

Please note that I wrote the way I did for humor.

Today I most epicly failed. I failed at "This-door-is-obviously-used-more-than-the-other-one." As analytical as I am, I often try to make people laugh or "marvel" at a "discovery" I have made. It sometimes works. Most of the time, it seems, nobody hears me anyway - typical - that's the story of my life. My best "jokes" are seemingly never heard. Unless you count the "Little-people-in-Japan" joke. It's an inside joke. I'll let you know more at the end of this post.

My "discovery" most epicly failed today because a girl proved me wrong. I hate it when girls prove me wrong. But I had to be "man-enough" to admit it. Today's "discovery" consisted of a double-door coke cooler, a CSM (customer service manager), and the "wrong-prover."

I analyzed the coke cooler doors. I noticed how one door to the cooler suctioned more than the other one. The left door suctioned immediately when the door was let go (as the doors are spring-loaded), and the right door bounced a little before suctioning. After hypothesizing and creating a theory, I concluded people must use the right door more than the left. The cheap rubber had already worn out. I wanted to share my "discovery." So, the fool I was, I dramatically demonstrated the doors closing to my laid back CSM. She found it interesting. My associate came to see of what I was speaking, in which I repeated the demonstration.

Here it comes...

Without missing a beat, my associate - a girl with common sense, which I obviously have none of - explained why the door actually bounced. There was a coke tray protruding further than the others, and the door was hitting it. So stinkin' simple. So crazy that I didn't even see that. I knew I should have analyzed it more. LOL.

It stung to admit I was wrong. I just barely did at first. Then I just made fun of myself as I am doing now. We are all human. I count a funny day in this way.

Lesson learned: Don't be so quick to make a "discovery," or impress your fellow associates/managers. 


Still interested in the Japan joke? Okay. Just to let you know, world, I'm not racist. Acts 17:26 states God made every nation from one man. This joke was all in good fun and I would gladly take any jokes made for me. (For instance - I am known in some circles for my "chicken legs" since I am a bean pole.)

This remark was made a few weeks ago. An associate and I were talking about people's height. This associate happens to be the one who "pwned" me. Pwned comes from a Warcraft gamer who misspelled "owned" on the internet and has spread world-wide since. It means she conquered me. Remember? If you read the above story you know she proved me wrong. I lost. That's a usage of it.

Anyway!! Back to the story....
She jokingly calls herself "vertically-challenged" (in which I get a kick out of - sounds like it came from the politically-correct big wigs. Wouldn't be surprised.) I told her she would feel better if she went to Japan where is everybody is like 4'5" (I just guessed) and you could tower over everybody. "Hey little people," she could say as she pats them on the head. That was the best joke off-hand I ever made. I'm not very quick-witted.

Hope you enjoyed today's post. I had a good day today. :)


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