Monday, February 6, 2012

Featured on USA Patriotism!

Hey, I got a YouTube message from USA Patriotism today stating I had been selected for listing in its video section!! This was in regard to my God Bless America arrangement I did for July 2011.

USA Patriotism! is the top ranked site about love and pride of America with thousands of pages showcasing poems, articles, stories, quotes, photos, songs / music, videos, thoughts, images, and references . . . all in tribute to country, troops and veterans, heroes, Presidents, other great Americans, memorable events, and more. Its mission is to foster better awareness, reinforcement, and display of love and pride of America by her citizens with the hope of developing a better understanding and friendlier attitude about the USA from citizens of other countries.

Check out my very own link HERE!! This is so cool!

USA Patriotism!
"Love and pride of America!"

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