Monday, January 16, 2012

Too much B12 = Instant tan

On today's episode, Brandon gets a tan in winter without a tanning bed!!

I took too much Vitamin B12 this morning. I take this liquid B12 to give me energy, because I was so lethargic as of late, but my body had a reaction. I turned extremely red all over - face, neck, arms....It set me on fire. It felt like I had received a bad sunburn. I looked as though I had got out of a tanning bed. I took B12 right before I left the house for work. It takes me just a few minutes to get to work. I walked into the break room to clock in. The B12 hit my bloodstream. A department manager asked if I had got a sunburn. Others in the room where saying I was really, really red in the face. I looked into the mirror, and indeed, I was as red as a Kit-Kat package (as later described by another department manager). I started feeling very hot on my skin. I told them about my B12 I had just taken and they concluded this was the cause.

Inside the hour of my personal furnace, I drank two bottles of water. I sarcastically lifted my bottle of water and said "Cheers" to my supervisor. ;) I told many of my fellow workers and managers of my ordeal when they would ask me about my red face. A manager said it looked like I was extremely embarrassed. xD I was not hard to miss, but thank God no customers brought the situation to attention.

My paranoia drove me to talk to a pharmacist about my ordeal. Drink lots of water and let it flush it out of your system, she said. I wasn't going to die. LOL. I was glad. Thankfully the beet red skin tone went away after this hour. Nevertheless, for about an hour, my skin burned like fire and my insides quivered from the extreme energy boost. Needless to say, I had no problem getting carts. I was so energized, I could run like nobody else. However, I did "crash" later that day. My body was so used to the energized feeling, I was experiencing the "downer effect."

You may be wondering how I managed to take so much B12 - and just how much did I take?! I was aiming for the prescribed dosage, 1 cc. The dropper would not suck up the liquid because of the small amount in the bottle. So I just winged it by guessing how much was in my mouth. Yes, I just tipped the bottle up and drank. No more will I do this. I will measure, but I won't be taking B12 for a little while now. Kinda freaked me out, ya know. ;)

I still had a great day at work today. It was equally fun. This reminds me much of my experience with the peppermint oil. Have you read that? You can find it here.

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Brandon Burch

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