Wednesday, January 18, 2012

RED: Faceless (exclusive)

This is my cover of this song you will only find on my blog. When I get an HD camera, I will re-shoot the songs Feed the Machine and Faceless for a dual cover.

Guitar: (cheap) Ibanez IJX 121
Strings: Ernie Ball 12-56
Tone: POD Farm 2 (chain & settings below)

Noise Gate > Tube Screamer > Cali Diamond Plate > 4x12 Treadplate

Threshold: -41dB; Decay: 0%

Drive & Gain: 11 o'clock; Tone: 2 o'clock

Drive: 10 o'clock; Bass: 8-9 o'clock; Mid: 9-10 o'clock; Treb: 4 o'clock; Pres: 5 o'clock

28% room; 57 mic off axis

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