Friday, January 13, 2012

Funny thing happened at work today

We got a prank call at Walmart today. The hysteric caller described herself as a blind lady named April, long blonde hair, who was lost in our store. She said her seeing-eye dog had run away from her. We paged April over the speaker system. The department managers were scurrying, searching for this blind lady crying in some corner who lost in this non-Supercenter store.

Things just didn't add up. A seeing-eye dog does not run away from their person. And we lost the call two different times. The department managers, or somebody, would have seen her. And how would she get in the back of the store anyway? The dog would have led her there. But no dog had entered the store.

It was believable at the time, but our Customer Service Manager said she felt silly. These kinds of pranks are not really funny - or at least at the time they're not.

That was the highlight of my day at Walmart as a cashier. Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts.


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