Sunday, February 10, 2013

First time playing with drummer

My friend is wanting to play a show on March 30. The event being organized has 10 bands playing, including us. What was originally going to be me and my friend Dakota playing an acoustic set, turned into a metal project with his friend Brandon (like my name  ) as the drummer. So then I invited my cousin Josh (part of Analyzed Within - my forming band). So now it's two guitarists, me and Dakota; and a drummer, Brandon; and Josh the main vocalist. We have no bassist! I hope we find one, but if we don't we will have to turn up the bass on our amps.  

We had a practice session last night. It was my first time playing with a real drummer. So much better than playing with a machine like EZdrummer! Man, Brandon keeps time very well (as you would hope from a drummer.) He picked up on everything we played quickly. His fills and beats rocked! My little 70 W amp was running wide open and was still having a hard time competing with the drums in that small garage.  We might just mic the amps for the show. And yes, I kept the gain low so it would cut through.  Or I might find a new amp (if I can find the $$$), as Dakota is getting himself a new guitar and amp.

We are concerned about getting a few songs ready for the show. Last night was more of talking and jamming. We need material to practice. We have a 20 minute window to play our part. We are expecting 200 or more people in this park that the show is taking place. The drummer has played shows before, as has my vocalist Josh, but this would be the first time for me and Dakota. After coming up with a few things last night, we agreed I would make some playthroughs for us. Dakota said he needed to practice. Brandon would need a playthrough without drums so he could do his own thing. I might even share them here if people wanna see. We gotta stick with simple stuff right now since we are so pressed for time.

I don't know where this will take us, but I hope we could all become Analyzed Within one day, and it would no longer be just me and Josh. Right now we are just having fun in preparing for this show. If we did become Analyzed Within, we would only need a bassist. I really hope we find one for the show. haha

I just wanted to share this joy! I had a blast last night!

As far as Analyzed Within releasing music, I am working on some songs, and I nearly have the whole EP composed. Josh is writing nearly all of the lyrics now. It's easier that way. The single, the title track "Living in the Last Days," has not been released because our studio guy is so dang busy that he cannot get to it as much as he would like.

And if you know me and my low-tuned guitars OCD, you might be surprised to hear we are playing Drop C for our show. I'm pulling one of the songs from the EP - at least that's the plan. Transposing is no big deal, but will be fun!


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