Sunday, February 17, 2013

EP track listing

Okay, this is the official track listing for my band's upcoming EP, Living in the Last Days. Officially, it's only me and my cousin, Josh, in the band Analyzed Within. I will be working on placing bonus material in a digital package for all those who download the entire album from Bandcamp.

Remember, the EP is going to be free. Just name your price - type in $0 if you want it for free; however, any contribution helps. Okay, enough talking! Here's your list. Coming soon! Nearly all of the songs are tracked! Josh is working his lyrical magic just down the road from me.

Living in the Last Days EP

1. Beginning of Sorrows
2. Living in the Last Days
3. The Testing of Christians
4. The Lion Has Come to Defeat the Dragon
5. The Mount of Olives
6. Our Hope is Here

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