Saturday, November 10, 2012

The lost boy

It broke my heart today to see a little boy who had lost his mom in Walmart. He was waiting at the customer service desk. When his mom and siblings came to the service desk, he ran to his mom crying. It scared him to be lost. It reminded me of the panic I had, when I lost my mom in Walmart, as a child. Just for those few seconds, what seemed like an eternity, I was desperate to find my mom again. I can't imagine how scared this little boy must have been, and having to wait with strangers, my coworkers. His mom must have been paged over the intercom and I didn't hear it. He must have walked to the service desk and told them he was lost. If that is the case, then he had to venture by himself. Seeing him reunite with his mom made me want to cry. However, since I was at work I held back. Things like that get to me.


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