Thursday, November 1, 2012

Metal Mash Mummy

I hope everyone had a safe Halloween! Here is my new music video launched yesterday.

I am playing my Jackson SLSMG in Drop Bb, with DR DDT 13-65 gauge strings. My tone was derived from POD Farm. The main rhythm guitars were only dual-tracked, as well as the occasional lead guitars. You are hearing EZdrummer DFH, a church organ vst, and a eerie synth vst. The bass was recorded with my guitar, as in POD Farm. The scary sounds came from a pack included with my Sony Vegas Movie Studio 10 software - I only added effects.

Download it for free:

I've been working hard on this the past week for you guys. It's finally here in record time. I almost hate this song now that I have heard it sooooo many times. I have been trying to post it to Facebook, which I have, but the thumbnail is not showing. Maybe that's why people skip over it. Perhaps if they saw a mummy, they would stop and click. I will check later today, after work, and see if YouTube/Facebook fixed it. I want to post it again on my fan page with the thumbnail showing. A quick Google search tells me this issue has happened before at least once. Not sure which company is at fault. It's annoying! Just when I want to promote my video! It's probably Facebook, if I were to take a guess. It posts here as you see; although, it's embedded.

-Brandon of Analyzed Within

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