Tuesday, April 10, 2012

True Defiance

Today, Demon Hunter's True Defiance album comes out. However, I pre-ordered and my package arrived yesterday. ^_^ You can see my unboxing in this video below.

The album is very awesome. I like the new tight sound they went for! The DVD included was a nice interview of Ryan Clark, the lead singer. While I was thinking they were going to show behind the scenes of the studio, Ryan spoke well of God and the band's stand for their faith. I thought that was very cool. I wish more bands did that. 

My favorite ballad right now is "Dead Flowers." It's pretty melancholy in a good way. "I am a Stone" is also a beautiful ballad, but it's only a strings arrangement. I would need a different category in my mind, since it's a different kind of ballad with no electric guitars. I think my favorite darkest and heaviest song is "We Don't Care." There are many others that are awesome, but that main riff is reminiscent of my song "Decimate." I like that style of riffing.

As far as my composing goes, it's kinda been at a stand-still as of late. I am practicing guitar. I hope to get back into the composing stage today after work.

Totally switching gears, I am going to be switched to overnight position at Walmart in a few weeks. I'm really looking forward to the experience I am going to gain. Walmart is my planned career path. A department manager is my first goal. I'm really excited about this opportunity to learn.

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