Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cars 2

I just got back from my local Wal-Mart with the release of Cars 2. I haven't even seen it in theaters. I've only seen a few clips from Pixar's YouTube. It'll be cool to see those clips in context. I hope this movie will rock. It's still early in the morning. When the entire family wakes up we will watch it. Our little Wal-Mart, not a Supercenter, opened at 6 a.m. I got there a few minutes after. I raced back to the electronics department. (We have a smaller store so it didn't take that long.) It wasn't even on the shelf yet! I asked the one of the stockers and she said the department manager should be in the back getting it ready. I just waited about 5 minutes and the manager pulled it right out of the box. "You just want the regular one right?" He asked. "Yeah," I replied, trying to conceal my excitement, "We don't have a Blue-ray player." I expressed my excitement to those up front. I didn't care, I work there anyway. ;)

So this means I got the very first copy from our store!! That's a big thing for me because I've never done that sort of thing, not even with games. I'm a music man after all. Games are just the occasional leisure.

Yeah, so I'm a little dramatic at times in my writing. That's just me. I'm a writer, and very imaginative at that.


EDIT: 12:16 PM
Yeah, the movie was awesome!! :) It was really cool and a great change from the first movie.

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