Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Been a while...

Hey guys,

It's been a while since a proper post so I thought I would do that. Morning coffee is brewing now. It is 5:03 in the morning - I just got up about 15 minutes ago. I have the morning shift (6:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.) at Walmart. Good thing I only live a mile from the place.

What have I been up to lately? I have been composing like never before. This is why my YouTube channel is not really active. I guess you could say it's somewhat active, but not like every week am I putting a video or two out. But that's hopefully okay with the majority of the people. Of course, that's not to say anybody will ever know the reason of my absence - the stats of my blog show not many views are going on. hehe. Sometimes I wish I were famous, but then I think of this...if I were famous I don't think I could very easily be personal with as many people as I have been in the past, present, and future....ehh...wrist cramp...neck early to be writing......COFFEE IS READY!.........ahh good. Yes, I want this to be a relaxed post than my normal thought-out "articles."

So about my composing...I am currently working on another song that doesn't have a name yet. It's saved under "Unnamed 7-8 song." 7-8 refers to 7/8 time signature. But the computer won't let me put the slash, dang it. I know why geek.. lol. The song starts out in 7/8 and then switches to 4/4 time and even slowing down from 140 bpm (Beats per minute - the tempo) to 110. It gives a nice, heavy feel. Then after headbanging a bit, I give a pause and it goes to 6/4 timing and back up to 140 bpm - fun! fun! Feels much like 3/4 time signature on steroids, and if you are familiar with fractions then you can see why. Beyond the 6/4 part I am not sure what to do next. I don't know when it could go back to the beginning theme. Not sure how to turn it around. I'm new to Progressive Metal, as I guess this would be called.

I've pretty much finished a song called "New Wonders." It's kinda soft compared to the hardcore stuff I usually produce. I haven't posted it on my SoundCloud yet, because I am not satisified yet. Boy, I can't wait to get those mixing speakers for Christmas! Oh did I tell you? They are Alesis MK2 active speakers. I will be able to provide mixes that are acceptable to the ears. :D I am not a pro, but all I have to work with now is my iHome speakers, and then my car stereo speakers (old Pioneers) if I want better and final quality. I hope to also come out with a Christmas special just like I did with the July holiday. I want to have several songs as a melody. I am going to have to bite the bullet and know that I have to release the song by Christmas. I can't wait until I get the speakers - literally. I might not have the necessary time or know-how to set up the thing and mix it really fast and upload it. :) It'll be fine though.

I do have big plans that will be a positive affect on you guys in many ways. I want to purchase an HD camera of some kind. I want to go to 1080p. Just think, so many of you who only know me through YouTube will see me for the first time ever in HD!! LOL funny to think about but true. And I want to also begin selling my music on This will be after I get mixing speakers at least first. Won't that be cool? I will mainly start out letting you hear it on YouTube, and then you can go purchase it if you want to support me. How's that?

And a couple of side notes, I know that I want to upgrade my SoundCloud to a subscribing account so I can have more flexibility. I also want more RAM, so that will mean I can edit videos better. I will be purchasing this before the HD camera. I have 4 GB, but my computer will take 8. I looked on

About requests....yes, I know I have been's just so hard for me to sit down and fulfill these when I have a song idea, which is like almost every time I play guitar. :D Or I at least feel inspired. I will eventually get to most of these requests I hope. Here's what I have:

Awake and Alive lesson (now available)
Golden Sun theme song
Golden Sun TLA theme song FULL
Kutless "Take Me In" Tutorial (bodiex1)
Hillsong - United album songs?

Heehee, yeah, it's on my desktop in a .txt file. I have had requests in the past that were songs of bands I had never listened to or not very familiar with. I do turn down some requests, but not all. If you have a request, let me know and I will check it out or at least give it some thought. It's usually when I say to myself, "I think I could do that," is when I accept. The ones I don't accept are usually ones I know I would have to seriously learn, and I know I don't currently have the dedication to learn any and all songs.

I do have so many unfinished songs, I don't know if they are scrap forever, but we'll see where it all leads. ;)
Well, I'm going to end this now so I can completely get ready for work - I gotta proofread this anyway.

-Brandon Burch

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