Saturday, December 8, 2012

Broken links fixed

Hey guys -

As if anybody relevant would ever read this...

But I fixed a bunch of links on my lessons. I have backing tracks and tabs available for my lessons. They were once hosted on Rapid Share and Media Fire. They should all be on Google Docs now. I relinked all those videos of my Happy Birthday lessons, studio version mp3 downloads, and I'm Alright series. I searched my videos "rapidshare" and "mediafire," and there are no more results. I hope I have cleared all the broken links. I appreciate those who come forward saying the links are broken when they are. You're not bothering me. Hundreds of people pass by and we can't have broken links lying around. That brings seven years of bad luck. Oh wait, that's mirrors. Oh shoot, that's superstitious and doesn't exist. Disregard the last three sentences - and this one too or you might become confused. =P


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