Friday, May 18, 2012

Dud Camera

Besides having moved with the family, I had a twist in my life. I ordered a Canon T3i on the 23rd of April from It was my first DSLR. Bottom line is I got a faulty camera. I’m sadly not surprised. Things like this happen to me in life. What is God trying to teach me? :D Tribulation really does bring about patience. That’s not to say I’m fine with the situation. I find myself having a hard time dealing with this stuff. It’s really annoying when you get a bad camera. I did send the camera back on the 16th of May. However, I have a potentially funny story to tell concerning it, found in the third paragraph. But before I tell the story, I would like to say I will not be posting a Youtube video after all on this adventure. There are too many gaps in this story to be able to document the story. I will just keep this as a blog, unless I get enough people wanting to see it.

The day I received my camera in the mail, or rather the day I chased it down at my local post office (scheduled to be mailed to my house the next day), I videoed my adventure. I made a commentary as I left my room and drove the mile and a half to the post office. I made an unboxing video and read in the book I needed to fully charge my battery before using. I did so. I videoed my turning the T3i on for the very first time. It did not come on. :( It only came on sometimes. I continued to fiddle with the camera for days before finally ordering a second battery. But it turned out not be the battery. After very recently describing my ordeal to an associate of Bedford Camera & Video, it was confirmed the problem was the camera.

Since my dwelling did not have internet access, I went to the library to print out labels for returning the camera. I went to the post office to mail my package. While discussing mailing options with the clerk, a ceiling fan blew my address label between two unmovable desks. The crack the paper went between was very narrow, making it nearly impossible to retrieve. I had to go back to the library to print another label. Only when I arrived, I was informed they were having technical difficulties with the internet connection. Nearly 10 minutes passed while I waited for a connection, which seemed close to forever. I did make it back to the post office. You can be sure I held on to that address label. ;) It’s just one of the days, I said to myself. Hey, at least the post office and library were within a mile of each other.

Now the hard part will be waiting for a replacement from Amazon. It’s not their fault, really, just a factory fault. I just happen to be the lucky soul to get a dud camera.

Brandon :)


  1. bud, the story of my life and all these years I thought I was the only one with stories like this.