Friday, October 21, 2011

What have I been up to?

It's been a battle with my allergy attack, or whatever hit me. hehe. I was still able to go to Pumpkin Hollow (to be scared by the goblins) with my friends and church group last Saturday. I thought at first I wouldn't be able to go because I felt really bad - and it was an hour before we were to leave. But I was determined. With the help of a nasal decongestant, willpower, and adrenaline, I picked myself off the couch. My back had been hurting too from the day at work. But that heating pad and 3 Ibruprofen had helped. After moving around, I did fine and felt a lot better. I proved that a little determination will get you places. I used to think the "willpower" thing was just a superstition, but not anymore. I had a great time with everyone. It's not exactly a haunted house we went to. The attractions were the Mine and the Haunted Forest, and then also a few friends went to the Corn Maze. We did not care to go to Bubba's Butcher Barn to see gory stuff. The Mine is basically a closed in tunnel you walk through. You go through rooms to get scared, but sometimes they get you in the walls too. The Forest is an actual forest you walk through - along a path you follow lighted by small lamps hanging from trees. Along the way you will get scared; sometimes I can predict when, but it's always fun. This year I wasn't as scared as I have been before because I'm getting older. I got startled a few times and that was cool. My friend Fred was acting like he was terrified of the scares. It was so funny - he was half the entertainment! Crouching low and covering his head he ran through the scares like a little kid. He was pretty convincing as he wailed in supposed fear.

I learned a way I can prevent my back from hurting so much as a cashier. I'm so tall that when I reach down to get change from the drawer, I would bend my back a little; but now I bend my legs more and it is much easier on my back. I also learned Walmart does not accept Kroger coupons! haha There's so much to remember.

I found another band called Red Seas Fire. They are in the UK. Pretty stinkin' awesome if you like Progressive Metal. They have 7 strings and at least one 8 string. The guitarist sometimes hits the 8th string and it sounds awesomely low. I hope to find lyrics to their songs, because I want to find out if what they are saying is okay and not offensive. Until I find the lyrics, I guess I'm listening in happy ignorance if they are singing bad stuff. I just hope they aren't. They produce awesome music and I fear the possibility of having to delete them.

I slowly working some projects for the future. This Christmas, I plan on releasing a Christmas Rock Carol on YouTube. I have 5 songs so far in this arrangement. I'm trying to figure out how I can transition from the 5th to the 6th song, whatever song it will be. I am also going to be doing some tutorials once I get rid of this congestion.


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