Friday, September 30, 2011

Exclusive Guitar Video

Lucky you! You are watching an exclusive video found only on a few shared sites like my blog, Facebook, and any other forms of sharing. Share this video to pieces if you wish. ;) This is a bonus video.

I'm just jamming out Canon Rock in my bedroom - very comfortable and just having fun. I do this sort of thing often. Did you know that Canon Rock was the reason I started playing the guitar? I always wanted to learn this song, and as I get better at it I'm fulfilling my dream.

How did I get these crazy video effects? Well, I downloaded these free video backgrounds and then used Chroma Keyer inside Sony Vegas to key out certain colors. I used what would work best for the effect. For instance, I keyed out all solid white for the flames. I placed my video on top of the flames.

I'm jamming through POD Farm. It's software that emulates my amps and effects inside my computer. My recording program is Reaper. This was one live recorded take. I'm playing on my Ibanez RG350DX - everything stock.

You can learn Canon Rock in my new lesson series.

- Brandon

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