Tuesday, September 20, 2011

20 Years. New Job. Futuristic Shred Metal.

20 Years.
Today marks my 20th birthday. Never before and never again will the numbers of the date and age match. Turning 10 was a special thing for me as well. It was that year that I became a "2-digit man." I guess you could say I am at a bridge between adolescence and adulthood. haha. I know, I know - age doesn't dictate maturity.

New Job.
I received a really good birthday present this year. I got a new job! And it's local! No more driving back and forth 60 miles round trip. This is will save gas money immensely. Living one mile from work will be awesome. Oh - the job - yes. It's at Walmart. I will mainly be a cashier. The schedule is randomly generated by a computer, so every week will be different. Good thing is that I'll be getting more money than my previous job. This will really help in more ways that one. This job will be a great place to start. No, it's not computers, but it's a start. I got my foot in the door. I needed another job. The fact that's it's so close to my house is gonna be the plus. My new job starts next week and I'm a little nervous. However, I am very thankful to God for His mighty works in my life. I know He's got a plan and something else to teach me. I always learn something new everywhere I go.

Futuristic Shred Metal.
Are you into shred metal guitar? Even instrumental? How about adding a bit of futuristic flavor to it? Does it taste good? Want the whole dish? If yes, sit down to dinner. I have here a man by the name of Paul Wardingham. He produces the very genre I speak of. I guess you can call it Futuristic Instrumental Shred Metal. You can check out his website and listen to his song "Ghost in the Machine" from his 'Assimilate Regenerate' album and see if you like it. I bought this album and I am loving it! Paul is currently working on another album called 'The Human Affliction.' He has become one of my guitar heroes as of late. I love listening and headbanging to his stuff. I wait in anticipation for his next album.

- Brandon B.

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