Saturday, June 18, 2011

Collabs = Exhaustion ;)

I love joining guitar collabs, but the following have the potential to happen:

1. 30+ takes
2. Computer freeze up (lose work)
3. Room gets very hot with all the lighting
4. Fatigue after so many takes
5. Forget to save a project

That last one is most unlikely, but just a while ago I got a good take, exported the WAV file of my guitar and backing, but I also needed the guitar by itself. I didn't save the project. Thus, I had to do a re-take.

I am always exhausted after I do so many takes. It wouldn't be so bad if I weren't such a perfectionist. I prefer improvising while playing along with the backing track for the collab. Mistakes happen, and I want to fix them.

I always put my all in these takes, and the more you do, you wish you had those older files back to go with them. Usually, those files were the best takes.

The best thing to do is come back to it later.

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