Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Determination | Metal Composition in the Making

I am writing a song called Determination. I am doing so because I recently bought this new software called EZdrummer. It is a plugin to be used in another program - in my case I am using Reaper. Once you insert EZdrummer into Reaper as a virtual instrument, you can drag and drop drum grooves to make your song. You can then customize them as you need them. I wanted to try this out by writing a metal song. It's really fun to write and record a song. I've recorded the song in Audacity so far.

This song currently has no lyrics. You can hear the song played live in the video below. I am still working on the song. I have only the rhythm guitars recorded with the drums. Perhaps the beginning will build up more, as suggested by my close friend.

Where did I get the name "Determination?" Around the time I first started playing the electric guitar (over 2 years ago) I composed a song with this name. However, this was back when I hadn't yet grasped the concept of composing songs and rhythm guitar. I merely wrote ideas. So, I decided I would give this song that name for fun. It's a memory.

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