Saturday, September 22, 2012

Guitar Rhythms Tracked

Last night, I spent three hours tracking the main guitar rhythm for my upcoming single, "Living in the Last Days." I had to take a trip to the store to pick up a new 9V battery for my active pickups, however. My Jackson SLSMG, set up and down-tuned to Drop A, has EMG 81/85s. I installed a fresh set of strings. I use the six middle strings in the Ernie Ball 8-string set, numbering gauges 13-64. I am not going to talk about tone yet.

I got a cool idea, using a jazzy clean sound with some delay. That is the red track you see in the picture. I'm satisified with the result. The studio I will give my work to for mixing and mastering will amp the MIDI for the bass through Trillian, and MIDI for drums through either Superior Drummer or Steven Slate. I was offered reamping for my guitar, but I want complete control over my tone, even though EQing will take place. I hope the end result is nice.

And I am excited to meet with my cousin today for writing lyrics. I plan to bring my camera. I want to record a few snippets of our progress for YouTube. I do have several lines written already, but since I hope he will be doing my vocals, it needs to flow and work well with how he wants to sing and scream.

I must have changed the verse riffs five times, but I think I have something that will work well.

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